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Discover Holland by public transport and make the most of your trip.
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Types: Train, Bus, Metro, Ferry, Tram.
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Unlimited travel to and from Schiphol Airport by NS train to any station in Amsterdam and
by the Amsterdam Airport Express (bus 397)
The OV-chipcard is an electronic form of payment for travel on all public transport vehicles,
A credit card size OV-chpicard carries a memory chip, which registers your credit and deducts the cost of each journey from it.
Chip-in and chip-out
Entering the tram, train or a bus
you have to flash your card in front of the special sensor placed inside the vehicle at the door
(so called chipping-in), leaving you flash it again (chipping-out)
and the cost of your journey is deducted automatically from your card.
If you forget to chip-out the card exiting the vehicle,
the system will assume that you continued your journey and will charge you the maximum charge of euro  4,-.
The OV-chipcards system
  which can be purchased in many supermarkets, press shops and GVB offices, is a better choice.
It costs euro 7,50 and it is valid for 5 years, but it carries no credit.
To travel you have to download the credit at special machines located at the stations and at the entry of many supermarkets.
24-, 48-, 72-, 96-, 120-, 144- and 168- hour OV-chipcards,
which allow for unlimited travel on all trams, buses, metros and night buses for the duration of the card.
Amsterdam Transport Pass.
This works as a 24-hour pass for all GVB transport such as trams, buses
and the metro as well as being a one day ticket for the city's popular canal bus
and granting discounts to popular attractions and restaurants.

You may buy All-in One Travel Tickets upon your arrival on Schiphol Airport
at Holland International tourist information desk (opposite Arrival Hall 2, open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.).
For ALL info about ALL forms of public transport in Holland, dial 0900-9292 (paid phone number)
is the public transport company of Amsterdam.
Information about travel products, fares, departure times and diversions.
Public Transport in Amsterdam    I AMSTERDAM
The best way of moving about in the city centre is by public transport.
tickets are available at GVB Tickets & Info, drivers and conductors, the.
subway stations, information offices of Amsterdam Tourism
From and to the airport there is a frequent train service
(some 6 times per hour during daytime,
1 hourly service at night between 1 and 6)
NS - Dutch Railways
Travel information, ticket offers, how to book tickets, payment methods, seat reservation,
 useful adresses, on board service and travelling in general.
Amsterdam Transportation, Destination Guide
Travel Information  with maps , Rail Passes.
Bus platforms at the Piarcoplein, on the north side of Sloterdijk train station.
Please follow the signs "Piarcoplein" in the station.
Bus to and from Amsterdam
Amsterdam by Bike
Nearly half of all traffic movements in Amsterdam are by bike.